How to Make Your AC More Energy Efficient

An energy efficient air conditioner makes for a more energy efficient home-in general! Besides some worthwhile tricks such as keeping your air conditioner out of the sun, putting it on the north side of the house or surrounding it with shrubs; there are some easy maintenance tips and purchasing suggestions that make for the utmost energy savings.

What, Where and How?

It’s important to have the appropriate sized AC unit. Bigger is not always better, and having an AC unit that is properly sized for your room is a great way to be more energy efficient. Putting the AC unit in a position where there is ample air flow also allows your AC to be more efficient and helps to cool your home more effectively. And don’t forget to turn off the AC in unoccupied rooms; this is a simple fix that could save you a lot of money and energy.

Filters and Fans

Changing the filter of your AC also helps it to run more efficiently in your home. This is important because a clean filter can cut your energy use between 5 and 15 percent. Fans are another easy way to make your AC more energy efficient. Fans help quickly circulate cool air around the house and can increase the amount of evaporation from your skin, therefore cooling you off. If the temperature is not too extreme, fans are definitely a green and more energy efficient choice for cooling your home. Even having a fan running with an air conditioner so that the AC can be on a lower setting is a great way to make your AC more energy efficient.

Filling in the Gaps

Sealing and insulating doors, windows, and ducts in your home help your AC to be more energy efficient as well. It keeps the cool air in and the hot air out so that your AC does not have to work as hard, which saves you energy and money. Closing drapes, curtains, and window treatments is another effective way to make your AC more energy efficient because although natural light is good for lighting costs, keeping the sun’s rays from coming directly into a room reduces the amount of effort your AC uses to cool the house.

Scheduling Your Day with Your AC in Mind

Saving certain household activities for night time is another way to make your AC more energy efficient. This is because tasks like cooking and cleaning actually heat up the house and make the AC work harder than necessary. These activities also make you feel hotter and may be preferable to do in the early morning or at night when the temperature has hopefully gone down.

Level that Temp.

Many would also say that keeping your thermostat at a constant temperature can increase the energy efficiency of your AC. No matter what the setting is, your AC still cools at the same rate so setting the AC at 70 would not make the AC cool your home faster than if it were set at a constant 78. You may end up spending more money and using more energy if your AC is not at a constant temperature, even increasing your cooling costs 12 to 47 percent.

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